How to enjoy the rainy season in the Philippine

When the rainy season starts in the Philippines, travelers feel bummed out and a little bit under the weather. Despite this, there are so many ways in which you can have an exciting experience during the rainy season as you visit the city. There are luxurious stay cations and outdoor adventures that will interest you during this season. You can choose to make merry even as the rains go on in certain areas that we will list down. They include:

Indulge on a magnificent staycation at Makati Shangri-La in Manila

Are you fed up with the drama in your office and you want somewhere to escape? Take a break and visit Makati Shangri-La as your reward. The premier hotel has a deluxe ambiance, cushy rooms, and breathtaking views of Makati City at night, and fantastic amenities among others. The hotel hosts restaurants that have an ambiance that offer an extraordinary rich blend of Asian and Western cuisines.


Just because the rainy seasons have started in the Philippines, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy yourself with great outdoor activities. It is a fact that during rainy seasons, it is the best time that you can explore outdoor sports and surfing tops the list. Even though the Philippines is well known for surfing, there are very few areas such as archipelago where you can experience the exciting adventure in the water.

The best place for you to try surfing is the surfing capital known as Siargao.It. It has enormous, remarkable and consistent waves that will give you morale to engage in surfing activities.

Experience a heart-pumping white water rafting ride in CDO

It is one thing that is worth listing in’ you’re to visit’ areas that will complete your holiday during the rainy season. Take a flight and visit Cagayan de Oro, and take place in the white water rafting activity on the mighty raging waves in the river. With the constant rains, the rush of water in the stream increases enhancing the experience you will get from the white water rafting experience in CDO.

Take a relaxing urban break at Bai Hotel Cebu in Cebu

Whether you are local in Cebu or a tourist, Bai Hotel Cebu should be in your list of the things to do during the rainy seasons. Visiting those hotels during the rainy season might offer you a chance to get a bargained stay at one of the best hubs in the metro. Boasting of been the contemporary escape in the urban area, it has a breathtaking skyline view of Cebu. These hotels signal travelers due to its fantastic pool, ultra modern amenities and facilities, and unbelievable vistas.


There are so many activities that you can engage in during the rainy season in the Philippines. There are also various destinations that would still give you the ultimate experience even during the rainy season. You only have to be on the lookout to get the best destinations that still offer fun activities despite the weather and the season of the year.

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